The Five Best Branded Videos of the Year

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YouTube and Instagram. Both are pretty big deals for brands. Just look at the statistics: Instagram has steamed ahead of Twitter and now has more users signed up, whilst YouTube has a phenomenal 800 million viewers every month.

For these reasons, they’re fantastic places for brands to be. In addition to creating TV spots, increasing numbers are investing in branded – occasionally web only – content and are including it in their marketing strategies.

Brands and their marketing departments are now obsessing over the amount of views their creations get and are looking to produce something memorable and sharable.

In many cases, the branded content is of similar quality to huge Hollywood movies. Maybe not at the level of filmmakers like Wes Anderson but works of art nonetheless.

So who’s succeeded this year? Here are five of the best branded videos of 2015:



Brands love to get involved and take advantage of the public’s interest in big sporting events, whether it’s Wimbledon, the Grand National, or the Olympics.

This has been evident during this year’s Rugby World Cup, which has seen much more than the support of just the home nations; big brands such as Heineken, Land Rover, MasterCard and Paddy Power have been advertising heavily during the tournament.

One of the best examples was the Beats by Dre campaign ‘#TheGameStartsHere’, which was dreamt up by a team of 12 rugby experts and executed by agency R/GA London.

England captain Chris Robshaw, French Captain Wesley Fofana and New Zealander Richie McCaw feature in patriotic videos that pull on the heartstrings of their respective countrymen. The videos explore the pressure that champions are under in their quest for glory – the English version is particularly memorable for featuring a heartfelt rendition of ‘Jerusalem’.

At the time of writing, the videos have a combined total of 27 million views across the three target markets.


Feminine hygiene brand, Always, took its cue from the phrase ‘like a girl’. The company addressed its negative connotations, questioned why it has become a putdown and turned it on its head through a hard-hitting and emotive video campaign.

The result of Leo Burnett’s work is extremely powerful. It shows that girls and women can become unstoppable. It’s a campaign that tackles the sexism deeply ingrained in the everyday language of both men and women head on – something we’ve not really seen before.

Android: Friends Furever

We love cute animals. Just think about the amount of cat memes and hilarious skateboarding dog videos that populate all corners of the web.

Google used the diversity of a range of animals and their differing personalities and showed the world how to “Be Together. Not the same”. This was to promote the fact that its product works across various handsets – which is in contrast to Apple’s iOS operating system.

The result is sixty seconds of cuteness as ducklings and kittens cuddle up, dogs trade in humans to become elephants’ best friends and orang-utans frolic on the lawn with their four-legged pals.


Extreme sports sell. Just think of Red Bull and GoPro; both utilise the public’s interest in all things epic to motivate consumers. For this campaign, Duracell ditched its bunny for an ad that features world-class free-climber Kevin Jorgeson completing a heroic climb he’d been contemplating for six years.

In the video, Duracell batteries power Jorgeson’s ascent of the Yosemite National Park’s Dawn Wall – he climbs during the night and follows the advice of his father who is always there to guide him along the way.

Duracell only approached Jorgeson after he’d completed the climb and when they were made aware that he’d used their batteries to power his equipment. As it stands, the video has over 15 million views on YouTube.



Experience marketing is huge. Nike has the prowess and the right connections within the athletics world to pull off impressive worldwide events. In this Instagram spot, filmed in New York City, the sportswear giant shut down an entire block so they could host (and skilfully film) a tennis match between American tennis legends Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras.

However, there aren’t many more details than that. All we know is that the video is pretty cool and we’re all hoping it marks the bright start of a larger integrated campaign – let’s wait and see!

The Best Branded Content 2016

We struggled to whittle our list down to just five examples, so here are two campaigns from 2015 we felt were too good not to mention: Ikea’s ‘The Power of a Bookbook’ and Cornetto’s ‘Love Stories’ series.

Brands might still be using traditional media but they are also utilising modern channels such as Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube to market their campaigns – many have taken to digital media like ducks to water.

If the production is right, these branded videos can yield fantastic results – not only in the number of views but in the hype they generate through word of mouth and on social media.

Let us know what you think by leaving a reply below. Are there any branded videos we’ve missed out that you think we should have included?