When Facebook became more important than anything

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As a self-confessed social media junkie, I was one of the first in the queue for the opening weekend of The Social Network.

The film’s had a lot of buzz surrounding it but I had no idea what to expect. If I was to play movie buff (which I’m not), then I’d give it 4 stars. The story is very entertaining and captures every emotion − I was genuinely captivated. We’re talking love, betrayal, greed, irony, ambition and humour to boot.  

The film took me back to a time before social media (in my life anyway). I’d never been a MySpace-er so Facebook was my first foray into the world of web 2.0. At its most basic, it’s such a simple idea but has changed the way that we communicate forever.

It was November 2006 when I logged-on for the first time. Little did I know but, it was the beginning of the end of life as I knew it.

Over the next few months, it seemed to explode and became apparent just how massive this was. You only had to walk around the university library to see every computer screen displaying a Facebook page. We spent hours on there because people are fascinated by one another.

If you’d have told me about the film then, I would have ruled it out as an unwelcome reflection of our times. After all, what’s sociable about the glare of a computer screen and evenings spent tapping away at a keyboard? It’s easy to see how you could live vicariously through our profile page but that’s not for me.

I’m more of a tweeter these days but the principle is the same – I have more conversations with more people. Now, what’s unsociable about that?!