We do humbly resolve…

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As we all met around the kettle yesterday morning, on our first day back in the office after the holidays, discussion inevitably turned to New Year’s resolutions. This is a conversation that never fails to depress me. I can only look back in abject horror at the mockery 2011 made of my perfectly reasonable resolutions. While I’m tempted by the idea that my resolution this year should be to not make any more, that would be taking the coward’s way out. No. This year I’m going to face the issue head on, (wo)man-up, and properly repent of last year’s dismal effort.

Here are a few of the promises I, and other Peppermints, have resolved upon for 2012:

Andrew: Engage in the real world, instead of emailing the guy next to me asking if he wants a brew.
Stop eating the sweeties in reception – not that I do!
Find a way to double my Twitter followers without having to resort to buying them on eBay.
Spring clean the Peppermint archive computer drive.
Start cooking more. Ready-meals are not a substitute for a fresh home-cooked dinner.
Learn something new every day; even if it’s just a little thing or something silly.
Maintain my 5 a day – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Four Square and Path.
Integrate my phone with my dock, dongle, tablet, and desktop. Oh, and don’t forget the deck…
File everything in plastic wallets. They’re my BFF for 2012!
Stop eating at Gastronomy everyday – lunchtime economising will boost next year’s Christmas fund.
: Use a pen and paper – just to remember the old days.
Speak normally; it’s amazing how many times I catch myself using jargon in meetings.
Take advantage of working in an office with a gym. Late nights at the office can take on a whole new meaning in 2012…
Skate board to work; it’s green, it’s good for you and gets you some fresh air. Might be tricky with my commute of 13 miles in the winter but if I set off early enough…Michael J Fox had it nailed.
‘Managed information flow’ will be my new mantra. Being able to tune out all that online white noise will mean I can use my social network more effectively.