The Fresh Mints’ first PR party

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peacock200lookleftIt’s finally here! The three Jellies (as Peppermint’s new graduates have affectionately been nicknamed) are diving head first into the crazy world of PR and attending our very first industry party. The North West’s most vivacious PR personalities will gather at the Hilton hotel tonight, where our own dear Peppermint has been nominated for Best Consumer Campaign.

The CIPR awards, from what we can gather through office hearsay, promise to be a sparkling night of glitz, glamour and gossip. And for us Jellies, it’s the chance to see exactly what we’ve let ourselves in for!

In the few weeks we’ve been at Peppermint, it’s hard to believe how much we’ve learnt and experienced; from writing press releases and selling-in stories, to brainstorming campaigns and practising our meditation! As fast-paced and exciting as this has all been, however, there can surely be no better way of immersing ourselves in the world of PR than by seeing first hand how our colleagues and competitors do it.

The awards are our chance to put faces to the names behind those headline-grabbing campaigns. It’s also the first time the Peppermint team will all be together outside of working hours – factor in the free alcohol and the buzz of being amongst the cream of the PR crop, and it’s clearly going to be a night to remember!

So it is with great excitement that we have ironed our best dresses and shined our favourite shoes. After all, what can be more educational than watching our new colleagues raving and misbehaving? Exactly…cameras at the ready girls!