A lesson in ‘netiquette’…

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What’s happened to good manners? I feel far older than my 24 years saying that but there’s a new type of rudeness in town and it’s all over social media.

Most of us will have a friend or follower (or two) who loves a good rant. There’s actually something quite bizarre about human nature that makes us flock to bitchiness even with the very best of intentions. And let’s face it; the challenge is on to convey a dazzling personality or razor-sharp wit in only 140 characters.

It’s like all the barriers go down and people forget that they have an audience. Have an opinion by all means, but think before you start tapping away at the keyboard. You’re putting it out to the masses and publishing it for evermore. Even though news feeds are fast-changing and fluid, you could very quickly damage reputations with a scathing comment or damning review. Not least your own reputation. Only last week a travel agent was sacked for posting on Facebook that her colleague was, and I quote, a brown-nosing cow. Nice.

You’re putting what would usually be off the record firmly on the record so don’t be a twit that tweets or a Facebook user with more than one face. I believe the rule of thumb should be that if you wouldn’t say it in front of a real person, then don’t hide behind your computer to do so.