A sign of the times

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It was announced yesterday afternoon that, after 156 years, the Liverpool Daily Post is to become a weekly paper as of January 2012. This is sad news for many -– myself included, as I grew up reading the paper on Merseyside.

The Daily Post is one of the longest running and most prestigious regional newspapers in the UK. Despite Liverpool’s population rising tenfold in the last 20 years, the paper’s circulation has dropped to a mere 8,000 paid-for sales per month. Speaking about the news yesterday, its editor Mark Thomas said: “We appreciate that the world is changing: people’s buying habits and news consumption requirements are very different.”

As Thomas observes, the ways in which people view and consume news have changed radically over recent years.  In an age of smartphone apps and Kindle subscriptions, people – and the younger generation in particular – are no longer popping to the shop for a pint of milk and the local paper.

As a PR agency based in the North West, it’s clearly crucial for us to pay close attention to the newspapers in the region and do our best to support them, as well as being quick to adapt to the changes they make. These are challenging times for the media industry as a whole, but as one door closes, another opens, with online syndication throwing up a plethora of new PR opportunities.

I for one certainly hope this is merely a new beginning for the Liverpool Daily Post, rather than the beginning of the end.