Big Brother is watching you…

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As news broke over the weekend that the Government plans to extend its powers to monitor people’s private communications, the Twittersphere lit up with consternation. Were you thinking that perhaps this was just an ill-fated April Fool’s prank? Au contraire – the proposals are deadly serious. Yet, with pundits everywhere coming out in staunch attack of the idea, I can’t help but wonder whether we might be getting ourselves unnecessarily worked up about the whole situation.

Were the ‘Powers That Be’ to take an active interest in my musings, I’m sure that monitoring my online activity would provide at least one person with a full time job. Of course, the plans have been touted as an attack on our privacy, but privacy on the internet can hardly be assumed. Why shouldn’t the Government have on-demand access to my tweets and Facebook posts? Everyone else does!

Maybe I’m being too glib. Naturally, there is a serious point to the outcry – namely the potential infringement of our human rights that these proposals represent. However, I do think there’s an important message to be taken from this debate: we should all be more aware of the way in which we conduct ourselves. In fact, when it comes to our online activities, the reality is that Big Brother may not be too bothered, but, blunders always make good news fodder. Motto for the month kids: try not to tweet like nobody else is watching.