Blue sky thinking

Blue sky thinking

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There’s nothing like a bit of fresh air to clear the mind…especially when you’re trying to fill it full of creative ideas!

So, as soon as the sun came out yesterday, we packed up our pencil cases and made our way outdoors to shake-up a soda shower – our take on a thought shower! The added Vitamin D definitely gave our creative juices an extra boost, as we chewed the cud and batted ideas to-and-fro.

The alfresco get-together also inspired us to think about stage two of our office revamp, in particular, the hub and birthplace of many award-winning campaign ideas – The Pretentious Creative Space.

It’s here where we spark the PR ignition for many of our clients and inject our Peppermint Soda magic into the mix. There’s universal agreement amongst staff to bring the outdoors in – we’re thinking blue-sky ceilings with grass-like flooring. Chuck in a few deck chairs, picnic blankets and beanbags (plus a fridge with chilled drinks!) and then we’re really talking!

Pretentious Creative Space

Watch this pretentious creative space…