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Not normally one to watch (or even take notice of) football, I’ve been drawn into World Cup fever this summer. It’s all thanks to my Twitter feed being flooded with score predictions, commentary and general ball-related banter making it utterly unavoidable.

It reached a height on Tuesday night, as host nation Brazil suffered a 7-1 defeat against Germany in the hotly-anticipated semi-final. As well as every man and his dog sharing their thoughts on the biggest defeat in a World Cup semi-final in its 84 year history, brands got heavily involved, too.

Germany’s comprehensive trouncing of Brazil has set records – both on and off the pitch – with Twitter racking up an impressive 35.6m tweets mentioning either #BRA or #GER. As a result, it’s being touted as the most talked about event on Twitter ever.

This knocked the previous record of 24.9m tweets, accumulated during the Superbowl, right out of the park with the staggering total being generated by an incredible 580,166 tweets per minute.

But it was the brands that weren’t afraid to put their neck on the line which stole the thunder and reigned supreme where share of voice is concerned…

Brilliant Ads posted a hilarious mock-up of the official World Cup 2014 logo, which perfectly summed up the distraught disbelief of Brazil’s fans. The host nation suffered its biggest defeat ever during the fixture, with the record being broken in the first half at 5-0.

Paddy Power, home of the witty PR stunt, joined in the mockery by tweeting a timely photo of a Brazil player promoting soft drink brand 7Up. It was retweeted 1,003 times and favourited by 543 people.

It seems, then, that while the official score was Brazil 1, Germany 7, these clever and quick-thinking brands deserve a point, too.