Easter: are we egg-hausting the market?

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There are certain times in the year that send PRs, marketing gurus, brand managers and product development bods into a frenzied whirl – all eager to capitalise on peak times in consumer spending.

Forgive me for pointing out the blatantly obvious, but this weekend is one of those moments. As we all figure out where the moon’s going to be and where on earth that will cast the Easter weekend for this year, those behind large and small brands are feverishly planning months in advance, in a bid to capture a chunk of the market over the lucrative long weekend.

I watched and admired as Gregg Wallace recently uncovered some of the tricks of the trade in Spring’s Supermarket Secrets – and with it, Waitrose’s attempts to capture the children’s Easter egg market. Not content with producing an egg-shaped delight, and eager to out-do its rivals, the supermarket conjured up a series of woodland characters carefully crafted out of melt-in-the-mouth milk chocolate.

The level of thought, development and testing that went into the range – both the product and its marketing – was fascinating to see. But, as I sit and read Buzzfeed’s latest ‘top 10 list of…’ I can’t help wondering whether traditional festivals and holidays only make us yearn for the familiar, for those things that we instantly recognise as being ‘Easter’ – bunnies and bonnets, egg-hunts and daffodils.

The ‘Definitive Ranking of Easter Chocolate’ is by no means conclusive (it’s based in order of ‘yumtastic’ for goodness sake), but it’s hardly surprising that the old favourites (Cadbury’s Mini Eggs and The Creme Egg to name but a few) sit firmly at the top of the tree.

Poor Spike the Hedgehog, Ollie the Owl, Hop the Frog and Izzy the Owl are predictably nowhere to be seen on the list and, while the efforts to prise consumers away from their beloved brands continue with vigour, it seems that the frenzied whirl we find ourselves in shows no signs of slowing down.