It’s a nice day for a Royal wedding

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The full force of the Twitterrati was felt yesterday when news feeds from around the world were awash with the reports that Prince William had finally popped the question to Kate Middleton!

It was a bold move by the monarchy to use its newly found social media voice to announce the hotly anticipated engagement via Facebook and Twitter, while at the same time using a traditional announcement made by Clarence House. The status update was issued at 11am and by 3pm, more than 4,650 people had ‘liked’ it.

The media frenzy that followed displayed jaw-dropping efficiency. News stories, documentaries, souvenir newspaper pull-outs and wedding memorabilia appeared in what seemed like the blink of an eye.

With all that was going on, it would have been a tough day to place other news stories in the papers. One journalist tweeted: “PRs, put down your phones and take the rest of the day off – they’re engaged!”

Hats off to those PRs who were able to act quickly and creatively to make the news work in their clients’ favour. One of our Peppermints secured coverage for Kisumu – a party planning business opportunity – in OK! Magazine because she was the first person to make contact with the journalist after the announcement was made. It just goes to show that it pays to be quick off the mark!

The hype around the happy couple has demonstrated just how rapidly today’s news stories are shared, tweeted, uploaded and downloaded all across the world. The announcement also proved that being quick-witted and reactive in PR really does pay off.