It’s all in a name

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If I was a car, what would I be? Not sure it’s a question that many people ponder on a daily basis, but I’d definitely fancy having a car named after me. A sleek coupé with alloy wheels; actually, it’s probably more a five door hatch-back that runs well.

Anyway, I digress. It seems that not everyone in this world wants the fame of being associated with a global selling car. Parisian Zoe Renault, 23, has hired lawyers to force Renault to scrap its plans to christen a new model Zoe. Apparently, the carmaker is facing petitions about its branding from other women called Zoe!

I’m not sure I’d go to such lengths to appoint a lawyer who specialises in the protection of first names. But, it does pose an interesting question about the importance of well directed branding. Companies spend small fortunes on trying to get their corporate identity spot on and days poring over mind maps to come up with the best name for their business. That decision can often make the difference between roaring success and run of the mill. If it’s imaginative and innovative then you’re more likely to capture people’s attention and keep it.

They say ‘it’s all in a name’, and if we had a pound for every time someone told us how much they loved the name Peppermint… However, I’m not sure having a car named after you needs to generate quite so much angst (and legal action); clearly the Zoes of this world beg to differ!