Lonely Peppermint desk seeks lasting relationship with loving partner

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With much hugging (and, yes, the odd tear) the Peppermint team recently waved off the lovely Melissa. She’d spent 15 months with us on a student placement, and has now returned to the land of uni to complete her PR degree.  Melissa is a gold-plated star who smiled every single day of her placement, even when that involved shovelling steaming manure at Peppermint Patch, our allotment.

Here are Melissa’s reflections on her stay, via an email I just received from her:

“During my time at Peppermint I totally fell in love with PR, thanks to the incredible experience I had working alongside such an amazing team of PR professionals.  I will always be proud to say I was once a Peppermint.”

The desk where Melissa sat is now languishing in disuse.  It’s currently propping up nothing more than a succession of homemade cakes (today’s offering: millionaire’s shortbread, courtesy of Lucy’s boyfriend).  With new business rolling in, that desk is itching to be occupied by a sparky account manager or exec, with the smile to match.

If you think that desk has your name on it, drop us a line.