Men in mascara? Not if it's from my make-up bag!

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So it’s clear we’re living in a metrosexual era, but is the alpha male about to disappear all together? Dannii Minogue’s boyfriend has come in for some stick today for his curiously pink and shimmery pout, and a recent survey reveailed that one in ten British men have confessed to using their better half’s make-up.

As a lover of all things that bronze, shimmer and gloss, and equally as a girl with plenty of gay mates, it’s not something that particularly surprises me. In fact, knowing the confidence boost I get from a bit of pampering, sharing these pleasures with the boys is something I’m all for. Having said that, in my mind there’s a big difference between a dab of concealer and a full face of slap – I still like my men to be men!

It’s been hard not to notice how much the men’s cosmetic industry has grown recently. If you flick through the men’s glossies or have a browse on online health and beauty pages, you’ll see the big beauty power houses really giving their men’s ranges an advertising push. Jean Paul Gaultier has produced Monsieur, a make-up range for men and, on the high street, Superdrug is stocking ‘guyliner’ and ‘manscara’. Who knows – perhaps there’ll be a deal for make-up wearing Alex Reid when he leaves the Big Brother house?!

It seems that men have finally cottoned on to the benefits of a little pampering and are no longer ashamed to book themselves in for a session instead of sneakily using our face masks in the privacy of the bathroom. And why not? I’m all for cleaner smelling and fresher looking men, just as long as their new beauty regime comes out of their own pocket and not out of my make-up bag!