No alcohol? No whisky!

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The lyrics to Auld Lang Syne may be sang a little more accurately (if not with somewhat less merriment) this year with the launch of ArKay – the world’s first ‘alcohol-free whisky’.

Now, I’m no expert when it comes to whisky or its distillery process. However, even with my limited knowledge, I can’t help but wonder how this ‘alcohol-free’ whisky can really be labelled as whisky at all – and it would appear I’m not alone.

The Scotch Whisky Association has gone on record as saying it is not possible to create alcohol-free whisky. It’s even gone so far as to accuse Scottish Spirits Ltd – the company that makes the beverage – of trying to exploit whisky’s reputation with highly irresponsible marketing.

The fact that Scottish Spirits Ltd is a Florida-based company that produces ArKay in Panama does nothing to strengthen its claim or reputation!

Scottish Sprits Ltd has got the timing of this product absolutely right – it’s seasonal and will sit well with the many anti-drink drive campaigns about to be shown across the national media. However the marketing – and indeed the labelling – of the product is way off the mark.

Claiming to be something that it’s so obviously not has infuriated what may well have been its core audience. Then again, perhaps trying to convince whisky drinkers to switch their tipple for something with a lot less kick was always going to be an impossible task!