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This week, we attended the annual research presentation evening at Prevent Breast Cancer. This yearly event is an opportunity to hear first-hand what goes on behind the scenes at this incredible charity and is one that we never miss.

Prevent Breast Cancer has a very special place in our heart here at Peppermint. In fact, it was the first client we ever had when the agency started and we’re very proud and honoured to still be working with them over 12 years later. As for my own journey with Prevent Breast Cancer, I’ve worked with them since 2014, first as an account manager and latterly as account director and, in that time, I’ve seen this wonderful charity achieve really brilliant things.

For me, the annual research evening is a chance to hear all about the work that goes on behind the scenes directly from Prevent’s world-renowned team of professors. These amazing men and women deliver some of the finest research in the world into the ways in which we can better predict our chances of developing breast cancer and to help prevent women from getting this awful disease.

Compered by BBC North West Tonight legend, Gordon Burns (who’s a patron of the charity), the evening saw Prevent’s team of researchers each deliver a short talk and answer questions on their ongoing projects.

The charity’s team of researchers chatted to Gordon Burns about the many projects currently underway, spanning everything from the pioneering Predicting the Risk Of Cancer At Screening (PROCAS) trial being led by Professor Gareth Evans, who specialises in clinical genetics, to the latest developments in assessing breast density and the impact this has on raising or reducing women’s risk.

(Image courtesy of Prevent Breast Cancer)

For us though, the really interesting part lies in what happens next. It’s our role to publicise the results of these research papers and to educate as many people as possible about the steps they can take to reduce their own risk of developing breast cancer and protect themselves and their family.

Over the past decade (and beyond!) we’ve launched books, research papers and clinical trials for Prevent Breast Cancer. We’ve seen the charity grace the page and screen all over the world and, as an agency, we’ve won numerous awards from our own industry for what we achieved.

So watch this space for the next instalment from this wonderful charity. We’ll be leading the cheer from the front.