Is print back in fashion?

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Well I never – after seeing magazines and newspapers drop like flies over the last two years, it seems there’s still life in the old girl yet, with one publication making a print comeback.

Newsweek has announced it’s launching a 64-page ‘boutique product’ that will hit the shelves in early 2014. Realising the slog of generating advertising revenue, the magazine will position itself amongst the increasingly popular crowd of subscription-driven ‘premium’ titles.

After vanishing from coffee tables at the end of 2012, it makes a refreshing change to see a digital-only magazine return to print. Do we dare hope of a changing tide? Is there renewed confidence in the print market? Is the much-debated subscription model really reaping such rewards that an 80-year-old stalwart has dared to venture back into print?

Whatever the reason, let’s hope it’s the first of many to make a comeback. I’m a traditional soul. I love nothing more than turning a page, feeling the smoothness of a matt finish, and folding over a corner as a reminder of something to come back to. Yes, tagging, posting and emailing links is very convenient, but when it comes to delving into news, popular culture and human interest, old is always best.