Reporters make ‘endangered species’ list

Reporters make ‘endangered species’ list

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BREAKING NEWS: newspaper reporters have joined the likes of the Amur Leopard, Javan Rhino and Leatherback Turtle in becoming an ‘official’ endangered species.

Admittedly, this is hardly the story of the century. Print journalists have been under threat for many years – I even remember my old publisher pulling out what little hair he had left at the onset of the digital age and the future of local papers (circa 2002).

The Guardian story – based on research from US recruitment website, – does smack a little of the self-publicist variety, but the ‘statistics’ are interesting nonetheless and enough to grab the attention of a national newspaper on the other side of the pond. According to the site, reporting jobs in the US are expected to drop 13 per cent by 2022, with redundancies in the newspaper industry commonplace because advertisers have slashed their print budgets by nearly 30 per cent since 2009.

I imagine UK figures mirror those seen in America, with symptoms matching those stated by “Declining subscription and dwindling advertising sales have negatively impacted the hiring power of some newspapers, while others have ceased operations altogether. Online outlets continue to replace traditional newspapers, and the long-term outlook for newspaper reporters reflects the change.”

Apparently, lumberjacks are also an unfortunate casualty of the move towards digital publishing, with a nine per cent decline in the logging industry. The ripple effect of innovation and industry change is one I’ve never really considered before, but our desire to produce news at the rate of knots and in a format more in sync with today’s society is clearly trickling through to other professions.

The responsibility of reacting to these changes ultimately comes down to individual businesses – whatever the sector. But, while we march forward in our digital quest, maybe we should take time to think about the twill-shirted casualties who lie in our wake.

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