Royal wedding or battle of the brands?

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 While half the nation is beside themselves with excitement at the prospect of a royal wedding, the other side is jumping on the opportunity to associate their brand with Will and Kate’s big day.

B&Q was one of the early birds with its cute Wills n’ Kate garden gnomes, but others weren’t far behind and now you can buy almost any item with their faces on. Along with all the cheesy mugs and Union Jack bunting, there are some real gems to be found…

While wandering the aisles of the supermarket, I stumbled across a ‘collectable’ biscuit tin and a plate adorned with the words ‘It should’ve been me’. I then came home and switched on my laptop to see the incredibly funny ‘sneak preview’ of the nuptials on YouTube! McVitie’s, John Lewis and T-Mobile – we salute you.

It’s great to celebrate such momentous occasions and it helps that we genuinely wish William and Catherine well, but as brand ambassadors, we’re doubtful if merchandise with somewhat tenuous links to the wedding will actually reap any financial benefits for the brands.

A survey, carried out by JWT London, revealed that 66 per cent of consumers said their purchasing behaviour wouldn’t be influenced by associations with the wedding. Moreover, 17 per cent said they would be much less likely to buy a product that attempted to link to the event, so it looks like this might have been a seasonal sales drive too far.