Service with a smile – why all PRs should be going the extra mile!

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As I took a call this morning, I heard some familiar words which greet the Peppermints on a regular basis: “Why do you guys always sound so bloody happy?”

Which got me thinking…as PRs, it’s important for us to be able to move swiftly from one project to the next, seamlessly without anyone ever being privy to the various other plates we’re spinning as we approach theirs. That’s half the fun I think; juggling lots of balls and then the thrill of netting one as you score some great coverage.

Coverage is indeed king, and our goal, as ever, should be to secure reams of it. Whilst the recession may officially be over, budgets are still tight, and a PR consultancy can quickly find itself surplus to requirements if it can’t measurably demonstrate its worth. This may be the cold hard truth, yet I find this thinking a little too chilly. Whilst I’m a huge fan of seeing my clients’ name in the papers, I also like seeing their names come up on my phone.

Personal relationships should be at the forefront of every PR consultant’s mind: we are communicators after all! At Peppermint we make it our goal to make our clients smile, so that dealing with the Minties is always a pleasure that leaves them feeling refreshed and perky. We also pride ourselves on cooking up creative and surprising ideas daily – not just panic-brainstorming before an update meeting. That way we keeps things fresh, keep things moving and keep clients smiling!

So, on this gloriously sunny morning, my advice is: don’t be the PR you promised to be…be even better. Live and breathe your clients’ brand with the same passion in which you live your own. And ask yourself; how can you make your client smile today?