Sky News’ super scoop from inside Libya

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There’s been nothing lighthearted about this year’s so-called silly season. August has been jam-packed with news and it’s been very serious stuff.

Last night was no different, as I watched all the latest news from Libya unfold on my Twitter feed. As the rebel fighters swiftly took control of much of Tripoli, the vast majority of comments I viewed were singing the praises of the coverage on Sky News. One tweeter commented: “Alex Crawford’s live reporting from Libya on Sky News has been addictive today. Turn it on. Amazing scenes”.

The general sentiment was that, on this occasion, Sky had absolutely outclassed its peers with comments such as: “Can’t believe how much better Alex Crawford on SKY is compared to Mathew whatsisname on BBC news is”.

Sky’s Alex Crawford seemed to be the only reporter who was broadcasting live from the city and had impressively provided the coverage using a laptop connected to a mini-satellite dish charged by a car cigarette lighter. The social media reaction was so great that Alex Crawford was a trending topic in the UK right through to this morning.

Twitter provides the public with a mouthpiece and this latest reaction just goes to show how demanding we really are when it comes to news reporting. We want eye-witness reporting and to see the news as and when it happens. Not only this, but we’ll happily tell everyone else via social media to flick over the channel to find a better option.

It’s worth mentioning that the BBC has responded today with comments from its world news editor that congratulate Sky’s Alex Crawford, but also claims that it was judged as ‘not safe’ for reporters to head into Tripoli yesterday. The question we perhaps need to ask ourselves is − what cost should we expect the press to pay to ensure that we see the news first-hand?