Spicing up Peppermint birthdays

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Just how long are you meant to drag the celebrations of a momentous birthday out for? Well, if anyone was to ask our recently turned 40-year-old MD Jean-Philippe, we’d be looking at a two week triumphant party bonanza starting off with a boisterous family gathering, jetting off to the far flung souks of Marrakech, via a short camping break in the slushy green fields of Lancashire, and then, a grand finale Peppermint meal in top Manchester Indian restaurant Zouk. (And can I just say, how incredibly ‘wowed’ I was by this curry house-with-an-extra-special-twist!)

Sorry JP, but phew that one’s over with! I’ll place my bet that Peppermint’s account director Jane won’t be quite so keen to shout about her soon approaching 30th…