Star PR from Channel Five

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The latest search for talent comes from Channel Five which has launched an online competition for people to audition for a role in the iconic Aussie soap, Neighbours. The lucky winner will join the hallowed ranks alongside Harold Bishop, Doctor Karl et al for a whole month.

There’s no doubt about the potential PR power of a well exectued competition.  Done right, it not only creates extensive exposure for a brand but also provokes conversation and encourages interaction. The first thing that I did after reading the Neighbours story in the Mail was text my friend to tell her that her dream job was up for grabs.

Channel Five has cunningly latched on to Neighbours and its cult following to target a ready and willing audience. The next wily move from the company was to make this an online competition, meaning that all hopeful contestants would have to visit its website to download a script for the audition. A social media dimension is also incorporated by virtue of the fact that the auditions will be uploaded onto YouTube where fans can view the entries. Bonzer.

And it doesn’t end there, as there’ll be a second bite at the coverage cherry when the winner is announced and has a tale to tell. We’ve all seen cleverly concocted campaigns such as this before. The ‘best job in the world’ was a magnificent coup for the Queensland Tourism Board, highlighting the wonders that Australia has to offer. Walkers Crisps matched this with its ‘do us a flavour’ campaign, compelling over 1.2 million of us to send in our flavour suggestions.

Closer to home, our team here at Peppermint has masterminded some very successful competitions for our own clients, including a sweet taster competition for Swizzels Matlow which secured coverage worth in excess of £2 million.  Nothing like a bit of competition to make sure that your brand is one step ahead of the game.