The Power of Celebrity

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When it comes to raising awareness about a brand or charitable cause, there’s nothing quite like the power of celebrity. Simply put, they sell more publications, attract more viewers and add more weight to stories. Great news, especially if you’re a charity.

Take The Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention Appeal, for example. The charity undertakes pioneering research and is the only one in the UK dedicated entirely to the prevention of breast cancer. It has important advice for the general public and finding new ways to get it ‘out there’ is crucial. Like many other charities, it has several celebrity patrons who are committed to supporting the organisation.

Sally Whittaker, a.k.a Sally Webster in Corrie, has been involved with The Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention Appeal since 1999. When her much loved character on the street was diagnosed with breast cancer, she turned to the charity for advice. In a sad twist of irony, she too was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly afterwards.

Her personal and on-screen battle with the disease provided her and The Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention Appeal with the perfect opportunity to raise awareness about the disease. Her experience has generate intense interest amongst the media and has been spreading the word everywhere – from Hello! and the Daily Express through to GMTV and Radio 5 Live.

The natural public interest in her diagnosis has helped the charity to reach millions of people in just a few days and could even help save lives. That is the power of celebrity.