The secret to happiness? Go viral

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Coca-Cola released the ‘Happiness Machine’ in the UK yesterday – a new viral which was filmed candidly and unscripted at a London university.

The viral made its first outing in the US earlier this year, notching-up an impressive one million hits in the first week of its release. In little under 24 hours, the British version has now been seen over 40,000 times.  

Filmed at Imperial College London, the vending machine deposits standard cans of Coke before a helpful hand appears to dispatch strawberries and cream, a game of Twister and a whole tray of cupcakes, much to the delight of the student crowd that are gathered around it.

Coca-Cola’s marketing has always been built on transforming what is essentially a sickly brown drink into a lifestyle choice and the new viral scores big in this respect, creating an emotional connection with the right audience and in the desired space.

Not content with teaching the world to sing, it appears Coca-Cola is committed to cornering the happiness market with a resounding digital presence. CMO Joseph Tripodi has made it clear that dramatic changes in consumer engagement have led to an aggressive digital strategy underpinned by content management – and it’s a strategy that is most definitely working.

Earlier this year ‘Happiness Ambassadors’ were recruited to visit each of the 206 countries where Coca-Cola is sold to record their journey and blog about what makes people happy, whilst the latest viral ticks all the boxes for an online sensation.

I don’t even like the stuff but I’m hankering for a can. And note to Coca-Cola HQ – if you want to distribute any more of this happiness – the Peppermint team will gladly look after a ‘machine’ for you.