The Talented Mrs VB (Yes, really!)

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The ‘alien headed, robot-mannered lollipop’ – aka Victoria Beckham – has had her fair share of criticism in the past. But one thing that VB really understands is fashion.

For a woman who herself admits, “nothing ever comes particularly naturally to me”, she has produced a beautiful collection of chic frocks that are bound to get fashionistas quivering in their Jimmys when the range is unveiled in London this week. They may start at £650 a pop but the classic 50s inspired designs are very wearable, even for those who don’t live on a diet of warm water. Her frocks even have special zips that can be drawn upwards or downwards so that they can be stepped into without pulling on hair extensions or smudging freshly baked St Tropez – wagtastic.

VB’s high-end fashion collection looks to be the best fuel behind the brand Beckham PR machine to date. (Except for her shining, talented husband and the cunningly timed reveal of a new mop crop of course.)