What's Simon Cowell cooked up now?

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In an interview on BBC Radio 4 last month, Simon Cowell described The Voice as: ‘the same as X Factor’. But, he’ll have to tread carefully with his latest reality TV show venture, to ensure he doesn’t end up looking hypocritical.

It’s been reported that the entertainment mogul is joining forces with ITV1 yet again, to bring to the masses Food Glorious Food! – a cookery game show to rival the likes of BBC1’s MasterChef. Due to kick off next February, the aim of the show is to find Britain’s ‘best-loved recipe’, with a strong focus on homemade cuisine. Contestants also have to convince a panel of experts that their grub has a strong British story behind it. The winning dish will then be marketed by Marks & Spencer and sold in the retailer’s stores. The winner will also scoop a tasty cash prize of £20,000.

While the programme sounds entertaining in theory, it does smack of yet another Cowell power trip. Is the man not satisfied with being crowned king of the TV talent shows? According to the BBC, 11.2 million viewers tuned in to watch the Britain’s Got Talent final, while the finale of The Voice lagged behind at 7.1 million, well and truly handing the TV ratings crown to Cowell. It was only in January of this year that it emerged that Simon Cowell’s label, Syco, is co-producing a new DJ talent show. Does the expression ‘finger in every pie’ spring to mind?

It’s clear that Syco is attempting to monopolise prime-time Saturday night television and that’s bound to cause concern within media circles. What’s more, I don’t think I can bear to see Simon Cowell’s face get any more smug if his new shows are a huge success (please see above image). Surely I’m not alone in wanting to see less of the high-waisted, open-shirt TV giant?