Where’s Wally? Use Facebook to find fugitives, says Interpol.

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Twitter to trace a trespasser? Bebo to bag a blackmailer? Or even Facebook to find a fugitive? Interpol needs you!

For the first time in its history, international police agency Interpol has sought the public’s help to find a string of fugitives. Two British criminals are among 26 of the most elusive suspects Interpol is hunting across the globe. In ‘Operation Infra-Red’, the public is being asked to be vigilant when using social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, in order to bring the runaways to justice.

As an online medium which started innocently enough as a way for people to reconnect with old friends or link-up with like-minded individuals, who would have thought that social media would come this far?

With many businesses now based solely around social media, even emerging sites such as Foursquare and Google Buzz are worth big bucks. In an industry like PR that has communication at its very core, social media skills are essential, and can make or break a campaign. The Peppermints are pretty hot on social media, so I don’t expect it will be long before we stumble across a cunning criminal – first one to three gets a Pepp point!