Why PR still floats my boat

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This Friday, I’ll hit 40. As we know from countless weekend supplements, the big four zero is one of those milestones when people traditionally reassess their life.  Very often, they see the light, ditch their job and plump to do something entirely different. And so, as I bid farewell to my 30s, I find myself pondering the question:  given the chance to rewind the clock, would I still follow the same route?

It’s 18 years since, as a deeply clueless graduate, I stumbled across PR quite randomly, thanks to my Mum clocking an ad in the Manchester Evening News for a “trilingual word processor operator”. After an initial stint of bin emptying, I evolved into an ingénue account exec, referred to as “Poppet” by clients.  A fair indication of the depth of my authority at the time. 

Although the intervening years have had an abundance of lows along with the highs, I can honestly say that I’ve never once regretted my Mum spotting the little ad in the MEN that set me off on this path.  Sure there’s lots to gripe about in our industry, as with any other. For now, though, it’s a time to make note of those things I actually love about my job.

Why does PR still do it for me? Let me count the ways…

  • We can take a product that no one’s ever heard of – and transform it into a national talking point.
  • We get to sit in a boardroom with the most pan-faced, hard-nosed, sceptical and intimidating of CEOs – and get them excited about PR.
  • Our expertise gives us the ability to turn around a struggling business’s fortunes – and we can achieve that more cheaply than any other method.
  • There aren’t very many professions that allow you to come up with a crazy idea while brushing your teeth in the morning and see it brought to life by lunchtime.
  • Those lovely moments when we overhear people admiring our client’s product that they’ve just read about in a piece we placed.
  • Our heart skips a beat as we flick urgently through a national paper and – yeeeessssss!!! –  land on a page spread about our client.

Those are some of my top reasons for loving PR. What are yours?