Why you need a campaign planner

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A marketing calendar is a vital tool that is overlooked by many businesses. Having one in place will focus your efforts, allowing you to create effective, timely content and aid the coordination between PR, content creation and social media.

If you’re responsible for your company’s marketing efforts and you aren’t working from a comprehensive planner, then you seriously need to consider creating one.

How to create a marketing calendar

To make things easier for you, we’ve created a ready-made integrated marketing calendar to give you a head start when planning your campaign.


Here are some tips on how to populate it.

Build a media list

Make a list of publications you would like to feature in. Next, contact them and request their editorial calendar, and make a note of any topics relevant to your niche with the date you would need to pitch a story by.

Fill out important dates

As well as filling out your calendar with editorial deadlines, make a note of awareness days, industry events, trade shows and awards ceremonies that you can plan future activities around.


List planned actions

When you’re aware of upcoming editorial topics, set deadlines for your planned pitches so you know you will have all your resources ready in time. Preparation is key – do you know in advance of product launches, upcoming guest blogger activity or industry developments? Incorporate them into your calendar so you can create content and plan PR activity around these hot topics.

Incorporate social media

If you manage to secure an article in an upcoming publication, having the date in your calendar will let you plan out social activity that will maximise the buzz. Likewise, mentioning all the relevant industry days and markers listed in your calendar will help you get noticed. If you’re looking for further advice, we’ve written a really helpful blog that covers how you can use social media to enhance your brand.

What does a marketing calendar achieve?

Clarity and focus – a calendar will shape your efforts and let you know where you need to focus them in the long and short term. Having a clear plan will allow you to focus on the objectives and audiences that matter to your business and not waste precious time on activities that aren’t as important.

It keeps you ahead of the game – knowing of relevant industry events, awards or publishers’ editorial requests in advance means that you have time to plan ahead and create the perfect pitch or content to ensure you get coverage.

Create truly integrated campaigns – having a calendar will ensure you leave no stone unturned. It will allow you to plan and coordinate campaigns spanning traditional media, social media and blog sites all in one place.

What are you waiting for?

Download our integrated marketing calendar today and start seeing some real return on investment from your activities.

Peppermint Soda’s Integrated Campaign Planner

We know that marketing can sometimes seem confusing. If you want to boost your brand awareness but don’t have the time or simply need advice, please get in touch – we’d be more than happy to help.

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