You are my chosen one – The PR power of the celebrity

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I have about 600 friends on Facebook. I use the term ‘friend’ loosely, since I would probably only choose to speak to about 200 of them via ‘chat’.

It was refreshing then, to read that rap star, Kanye West, has only one ‘friend’ who he follows on Twitter – nineteen-year-old Stephen Holmes from the West Midlands.

West decided to follow the Coventry teenager last Saturday evening. Three hours later, Holmes had 3,000 new followers (and still counting).

Holmes admits to having no idea why the superstar sensation picked him. To put an end to the avalanche of comments from music fans and journalists, he has since limited his own Twitter activity, even going so far as to delete the application from his iPhone.

Undoubtedly, the celebrity has become the powerful PR tool of the twenty-first century. Research conducted last month fuelled the belief that using celebrities over attractive non-celebs to endorse products does actually increase sales. Apparently, when viewing celebrity images, brain activity is heightened.

So it just goes to show that, despite being a powerful tool in its own right, social media certainly benefits from having a partner in crime, the celebrity, to achieve the maximum influence over society.