Peppermint Perks – The power of thank you

Peppermint Perks – The power of thank you

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How often do you hear the words “thank you”, “well done”, or “great job” in the workplace? Research has revealed that managers and leaders who do say “thank you” have a more motivated workforce. What’s more, they also have increased staff retention rates, and an easier experience recruiting.

The simple gesture of appreciation can actually do wonders for morale and mood, in some cases even more so than financial rewards and extra job perks. At Peppermint Soda, as well as a simple “thanks”, we have a series of small gestures that we give staff to reward and recognise their hard work:

  • Soda stars – colleagues’ work and efforts to go above and beyond for clients (and workmates) are shared and celebrated each month, with each department sharing their success stories with the rest of the group. The serial Soda Stars winner is crowned at the end of each year and rewarded with a meal for two! Spot prizes are also awarded throughout the year, with shopping vouchers given to acts of sheer brilliance.
  • Early finish Friday – Once a month, the Peppermints are let loose to start their weekend early, giving staff a chance to relax and recuperate, or otherwise enjoy themselves.
  • Birthdays off – Peppermints are given an extra day of annual leave to celebrate and enjoy their birthday, as well as the obligatory “surprise” card and cake at their desk – it wouldn’t be a workplace without one.

The same employee benefits and workplace health research also revealed less than a quarter of UK workers receive a physical “thank you” in the form of vouchers, gifts or spot prizes, which certainly surprised us.

If you like the sound of our Peppermint perks and, want to be rewarded and recognised for the things you do, big or small, you should probably give us a call. We’re always hiring, and looking for our next Peppermint. So, if you’re searching for an appreciative bunch or new challenge, drop us a line, or check out our jobs page.