Playing the recruitment game

Playing the recruitment game

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At Peppermint we’ve got a gap – a recruitment gap, that is. We’re on the hunt for talented execs, managers and directors to join our PR team, and have been for a while now. So why are we finding it so tricky to pin down that dream candidate?

Well, there’s no easy answer to that. Sure, we’re particular about who we recruit. Yes, we want people to have demonstrable experience in the field. And, of course, it’s important to us that they can write well. But we can’t be alone in wanting that, can we?

The biggest issue we’ve come across in our headhunt so far is finding that person who has it all. That heady mix of personality, skill, experience and talent is proving harder to find than we’d anticipated – but why? We’re snowed under with the amount of CVs we’re receiving, yet a surprising number are lacking in substance to back up their claims, are quiet as a church mouse when we do meet them or can’t tell their apostrophes from their quotation marks (a sure fire way to irk a grammar fiend like me!).

So, here’s a few tips for how you can wow us if you want to become a Peppermint…

Be nice!

We’re a tight-knit agency and we all get along exceptionally well, so it’s vital that people we recruit fit in with the Peppermint ethos – in fact, it’s just as important to us as them having the right skills and experience. That’s why we want people to project their personalities when they come in and really show us who they are as an individual – not sneak in without saying a word and then sit there quietly all day. If you’re being interviewed for a job at Peppermint, you’ll be asked to spend some time with the relevant team so that they can get to know you – and we take their feedback into account when making final decisions, so join in the conversation and flash that smile!

Show us what you can do

We’ll ask you to show us some writing examples and will usually brief you on a blog, press release and feature. It might seem obvious, but make sure you proofread your work before handing it over – I’ve lost count of the number of obvious typos, grammatical errors and unfinished sentences that have made the difference between someone getting the job and being passed over in favour of the person who did proofread their work.

Ask questions

If you’re not sure about what you’re being asked to do, ask. If you want to find out more about a client or our campaign objectives, grab the account manager and get them to give you a run through. In short – ask questions of us. It shows that you’re inquisitive, interested and confident.

There isn’t a magic formula to what makes our ideal candidate and we’re not asking for the moon on a stick – just some nice, friendly people to join our lovely team and help us deliver award-winning work for our clients.

So what are you waiting for? Check out our current vacancies and send us your (thoroughly proofed) CV!