What’s the right social network for your business?

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Believe it or not, there are still business owners who are sceptical about social media.

Perhaps they don’t see the value, or maybe they’re overawed by all the choice. From Instagram to Facebook, Twitter to Pinterest, each platform is unique and has its own distinct community, ranging from photography lovers to thrillseekers – or, like Facebook, just everyone you know.

Each platform has its own benefits for companies, but do you know which one you should be using for your business? Here, we give the lowdown on which type of business should be using which network and why.

Got visually appealing products?



Lifestyle brands are all over Instagram. The image-based platform is the perfect place to show off how good-looking your products are and it’s the number-one network when it comes to user engagement.

Instagram provides a great opportunity to build an organic community with the help of brand ambassadors across the globe. It also allows brands to be more creative than they can be on other networks, with Instagram offering a choice of photo filters and other editing tools.

The platform is all about inspiration through advertising. Potential customers will browse and can easily ‘like’ posts by double tapping on their device ‒ it’s the easiest social channel to get right.

In-app advertising was also introduced last year – another interesting development to keep an eye on.




The potential of Pinterest is huge. Many people use it to bookmark products for future purchase, creating collections of items they like and might want to buy further down the line.

Buyable ‘Pins’ have also been introduced recently, giving brands the opportunity to generate direct sales. The feature is free to retailers and once activated, users will see ‘buy it’ on Pins they can purchase immediately.

Additionally, the facts suggest that the network has some of the most loyal users of any social network. According to research, 87 per cent of Pinterest users have purchased a product because of the network and 93 per cent have used it to plan later purchases.




Every man and his dog is on Facebook. It seems that way anyway. The network is now used by many not just to speak to friends, but also as a news aggregator and a feed where they can find out what’s going on in the world – whether it’s BBC headlines or updates from Beyoncé.

The easiest way to build a Facebook following is to share your own stories, blogs and products a few times a week. Website referral traffic can be generated this way, because you’ll encourage users to click on your posts, like them and then visit your website.

Facebook is also useful for providing customer service, while paid Facebook Ads are the ticket for getting your brand seen by the right people at the right times.



Brands are very much the bread and butter of Twitter. They’ve been active since the network started back in 2006, even making headlines for the absurdity of the conversations they have with customers and amongst themselves.

Twitter is similar to Facebook in that the most effective way to be successful is to post regularly, whether that’s your own content or retweeting others in the hope that engagement will help build a community, ultimately driving sales.

Build a strong social media presence for your brand

It might seem rather straightforward but, if you need some help, you should speak to our team.

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